Our Bill

   A member from our group has brought in an electricity bill from November of last year. We gave that person tips on what they could do throughout the month to try and save energy. So, when they bring in the next bill , it will be less expensive. The tips we gave that person is provided in our " Tip's Space "

   The bill one of our group members brought in used 1,045 KW of energy, which costed $ 441.49. So, when they bring in the bill from November of this year , we would like to see a change form our tips. Even if the bill is $ 400 dollars , it is still $ 41.49 that they are saving. Since our group member used 1,045 KW of energy at home , from our tips, we estimate that when they get their bill from this November, it should be atleast  1,000 Kw of energy. So, the group members household should have atleast saved 45 KW of energy.